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costume_rumble's Journal

Costume Rumble Icontest
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A rumble-style icontest with the theme of period-style costumes from many eras.
About Costume Rumble
Welcome to Costume Rumble! This rumble is an icontest for fashion of years-gone-by. The focus of the icons in this rumble should be period-wear, i.e. anything you might see in a costume drama set anytime from ancient history to about 1920. For the purposes of this rumble, we are considering anything 1920 and newer to be "the modern era".

The following resources have a plentitude of screencaps and other images from movies and film featuring period-wear. Illustrations, classical art, and non-film photography are also allowed as sources of images for your icons.

Fashion Era
Costumer's Guide to Movie Costume's
The Period Movie Review
Norfolk Library Costume Links
The Costumer's Manifesto

Rules and Expectations
# To participate sign up in the Sign up post. Sign ups for Round 1 close September 26th, midnight PST, when the 1st icon is due.

# For weeks that screen caps are provided only those screen caps may be used. Screen caps may be blended.

# Animations are not allowed.

# Icons must meet LJ standards (100 x 100, 40 kb)

# Upload your icon to a hosting site like Photobucket and post your entry in the corresponding challenge post with both link and image included.

# Icons should be anonymous, so your LJ name should not be visible anywhere.

# The person with the highest cumulative score at the end of all the challenges will be the winner.

Voting and Points
# Every week there will be a voting period. Everyone votes for their favorite 3 icons. A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded each week based on votes, and a Mod's choice will be awarded as well.

# At the end of each voting period votes will be tallied and points will be awarded as so:

1st= 4 points

2nd= 3 points

3rd= 2 points

Mod's Choice = 1 Point

# A point will be awarded for each challenge you submit an icon to. There are 10 challenges per round.

# If a tie should occur both participants will receive the points for the place they tied for.

# Cheating will not be tolerated. This means that voting for yourself, or telling others which icon is yours and getting them to vote for specifically is forbidden. Cheating: It's not too classy and its the best way to suck the fun out of the competition.

Challenges due on Fridays at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.
Voting Posted Saturday Through Sunday (or 48 hours, if this becomes slightly askew)
Results posted Monday or Tuesday.
Banners posted at banner makers convenience. :P

Bonus Points
# As always a community needs promotion. For each promo you do you can earn yourself a point. A total of 2 points can be earned this way. Please no promos in promo only communities. Post a link to the promo or a screen grab if its a locked post in a comment to this entry. Promo points must be earned by September 26th, midnight PST.

# We also could use new members so you can earn yourself a point for each person you get to sign up. Have the people you get to sign up provide your username as a referral when they sign up. You can earn 3 points this way. All referral points must be earned by September 26th, midnight PST.