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25 November 2008 @ 09:55 am
Challenge 9 Voting  
Hi all,

Below you will find the voting for Challenge 9: Mad Men. A few important notes:
-Please also make sure you have voted in Challenge 8: The Civil War, as we are short on votes over there.
-Entries for Challenge 10: Hats or Hair will be accepted through Sunday night, November 30th due to the nature of the holiday weekend. If you are out of town and need an extension beyond that please let me know.
-Have a happy Thanksgiving!! (Well, if you're in the US, anyway. Otherwise, have a great...Thursday).

Voting Rundown for Challenge 9

# All votes are screened.
# Vote for your 3 favorite icons. Vote on quality, not personal preference. Please leave comments with your vote.
# Incomplete votes will not be counted.
# You do not need to be a participant to vote, but you do need a Livejournal account. Anonymous votes will not be counted.
# Don't vote for yourself.
# Voting will close sometime after Friday November 28th, 11:59pm, PST. Too many ties or not enough votes will force voting to stay open longer.